Chemical RelationshipsChemical Equations

by Anthony Carpi, Ph.D.


What do you know about chemical reaction

U. Liverpool - Quiz about chemical reactions.

Further Exploration

Balancing Chemical Equations & Reaction Types

ChemTeam - An excellent tutorial on balancing reactions and reaction types, including practice problems.

Types of Chemical Equations

Gwen Sibert, Roanoke Valley Governor's School - Shows the basics of writing and balancing equations, how to predict the products of four general types of inorganic reactions, and how to write and balance equations for the combustion of hydrocarbons.

Mole and Mass Relationships in a Reaction

Irydium Project, Carnegie Mellon - Java applet displays mole and mass changes in a chemical reaction.

News & Events

Characterizing behavior of individual electrons during chemical reactions

Current Science News

News from around the world of science.


Google Scholar

Google - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.


Balancing Chemical Equations

PhET / University of Colorado, Boulder - interactive site to learn how to balance a chemical equation, recognize the number of atoms of each element, and translate from symbolic to molecular representations of matter.

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