Reactions and Changes

Chemical Reactions

by Anthony Carpi, Ph.D.

Further Exploration

Types of Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equations

Mountain Empire Community College - Lecture from SCT 111, Introduction to Environmental & Science Technology


William Ramsay

Sir William Ramsay


An Undiscovered Gas

W. Ramsay - 1897 Nature paper predicting the discovery of neon.

News & Events

Chemical Reactions to Detect Corrosion

Ohio State U.

Mimicking Cellular Reactions

Stanford U.

Current Science News

News from around the world of science.


Google Scholar

Google - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.


Copper Amine

T. Chasteen, Sam Houston State U. - 5.5meg movie, color change during copper amine formation.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Next Generation Science Standards: For States, By States

National Academies Press: A Framework for K-12 Science Education