Plate Tectonics Earth Structure: A Virtual Journey to the Center of Earth

by Anne Egger, Ph.D.

1. The Moho is the boundary between

2. Earthquakes are useful for studying Earth's interior because

3. Both S-waves and P-waves can travel easily through liquids.

4. Although we don't have any samples of the core, most scientists agree that its main constituent is

5. Continental crust is ________________ than oceanic crust.

6. When seismic waves hit a boundary with a different material, they might

7. What does the S-wave shadow zone indicate about Earth's interior?

8. Tectonic plates consist of the lithosphere, which is made up of the crust and the uppermost mantle.

9. How do we know that Earth is not the same composition all the way through?

Descend into the crater of Yocul of Sneffels, which the shade of Scartaris caresses, before the kalends of July, audacious traveler, and you will reach the center of the earth. I did it.
Jules Verne,
1828 - 1905

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