Plate Tectonics Plates, Plate Boundaries, and Driving Forces :

by Anne Egger, Ph.D.

Further Exploration

Discover Our EarthCornell University - This site allows you to explore the concepts of plate tectonics in more detail, even including an interactive mapping tool called QUEST.

Global Volcanism ProgramSmithsonian Institute - The Global Volcanism Program (GVP) has up to the minute information about volcanic eruptions worldwide and a downloadable database of recent eruptions.

USGS Earthquake SiteU.S. Geological Survey - The USGS hosts a real-time earthquake map and a downloadable database of all earthquakes since 1990.


1906 San Francisco EarthquakeSan Francisco Museum - This site offers eyewitness accounts of the Great 1906 San Francisco quake.

News & Events

Drilling the San Andreas FaultStanford Report

The Effects of the Mt. Pinatubo EruptionU.S. Geological Survey

Current Science NewsNews from around the world of science.


Google ScholarGoogle - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.


Plate Tectonics ActivityPBS - An interactive plate tectonics animation that illustrates the processes occurring at plate boundaries. 

Reconstructing PangaeaCornell University - You can move and rotate the continents to reconstruct Pangaea. 

Geologists have a new game of chess to play, using a spherical board and strange new rules.
-Patrick M. Hurley, 1968

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