Visualizing Scientific Data: An essential component of research

by Anne Egger, Ph.D.

1. What information is shown on the x-axis of the graph?
Use this graph to answer all of the questions in this quiz.

2. What information is shown on the y-axis of the graph?

3. What are the units for the x-axis?

4. What are the units for the y-axis?

5. About how many people lived on the earth in 1900?

6. When did the world's population first surpass 1 billion?

7. Which of the following statements best describes world population over time?

8. How much has world population increased since 1000 AD?

9. Using this graph, what do you predict will happen to world population in the future?

10. Population is not evenly distributed all over the world. What other kind of visual data would give us the most insight into where most people live?

...a diagram does incomparably better service here than a table.

-J.H. Lambert, 1765

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