Research Methods Description in Scientific Research :

by Anne Egger, Ph.D., Anthony Carpi, Ph.D.

Further Exploration

Why Descriptive Science Still MattersBioScience - A short article by David A. Grimaldi and Michael S. Engel about the role that descriptive science plays in modern biology.


Grove Karl Gilbert


Report on the Geology of the Henry MountainsG.K. Gilbert's original 1877 publication from the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region

Report on the Geology of the Henry Mountains, Volume 2Original 1880 text by G. K. Glbert


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Google ScholarGoogle - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.

...Darwin was a prolific describer of everything from barnacles to orchid
pollination and animal emotions. ... [His work] succeeded so well because it assembled and explained vast descriptive evidence.
- Grimaldi and Engel, Why Descriptive Science Still Matters

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