Ideas in Science Scientific Controversy :

by Anne Egger, Ph.D., Anthony Carpi, Ph.D.


Critical Thinking in Global ChallengesFrom the website: This free introductory course via Coursera will give you the opportunity to better understand what critical thinking is, and to practice and enhance your critical thinking skills. To do so, we will use the context of some important global challenges that affect us all, and to which we have no clear "correct" solutions: for example, the risk and spread of serious infectious diseases in epidemics in modern societies, the implications of increasing human population on global resources, energy, environment and climate, and the challenges of human health and well-being in the modern world. Possible solutions to global issues such as these are hotly debated, and give the perfect setting to practice recognizing and evaluating facts, ideas, opinions, and arguments.

Further Exploration

Critical thinking on climate change: Separating skepticism from denialFrom the University of Edinburgh series of lectures "Our Changing World," Dr. Richard Milne discusses the influences on public perception on climate change and helping to separate skepticism from outright denial.

Science controversies past and presentReactions to the science of global warming have followed a similar course to those of other inconvenient truths from physics.

Important dates in the history of hurricane research from NOAA

Expert credibility in climate changeAn article at PNAS exploring the level of agreement on climate change among experts in the field.

Animation of Hurricane and SSTs from NASA

What scientific controversy?From Understanding Science, a discussion of how frequently disagreement among scientists really occurs.


Kevin Trenberth

Kevin Trenberth


Special ReportA special report on the Galveston Hurricane of September 8, 1990. By Isaac M. Cline. NOAA


Another quarry sighted in the great mantle plume hunt?A recent news article about the mantle plume debate in the journal Science.

Mantle PlumesFrom, a collection of articles, research papers, and other materials relating to the origin of “hotspot volcanism.”

Tropical Research PanelAccess to publications and activities of the World Meteorological Organization.

Summaries of Recent Research on HurricanesPapers exploring the link between hurricanes and climate change, compiled by the Environmental Defense Fund.

GFDL Global Warming and HurricanesAn overview of the current research on connections between global warming and hurricanes.

GFDL Hurricanes and Climate ChangeA collection of articles and assessment reports related to climate change and hurricanes.

Google ScholarGoogle - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.

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