Biologia CelularAbsorción, distribución, y almacenamiento de químicos

por Morris Zedeck, Ph.D.

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Toxicology Tutor

N. Page, M. Perkins, Nat. Lib. Medicine - Chapter on absorption of a detailed series of tutorials explaining the basic principles of toxicology.

Membrane Structure & Function

F. Orme, Biology Learning Center - Excellent tutorial on the basic function of cell membranes.

Transport Across Cell Membranes

J. Kimball - Details on the transport of materials across cell membranes.


Jens Christian Skou
Jens Christian Skou

Walther Nernst composite3
Cell Membrane Researchers

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Improving Drug Absorption

American Chemical Society

Current Science News

News from around the world of science.

Nutrients Affect Drug Absorption

Pediatric Pharmacotherapy - A review of research showing how certain nutrients affect drug absorption in the body.

Google Scholar

Google - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.



P. Lewis, UConn - a simple interactive applet showing the diffusion of a volatile material out of a container.

...el mosaico de la [membrana celular] parece ser fluido y dinámico y, para muchos propósitos, es mejor pensarlo como una solución viscosa con orientación bi-dimensional.
-S.J. Singer & G.L. Nicolson, 1972, Science Magazine