Teoria y Estructura Atómica Materia : Átomos. De Demócrito a Dalton

por Anthony Carpi, Ph.D.

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Dalton's Atomic TheoryF. Senese, Frostburg State U. - From General Chemistry Online, a summary of Dalton's work.

From Democritus to DaltonJ. Park, ChemTeam - An excellent tutorial on early atomic theory.

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Where Does Matter Come From?M. Gleiser - A short essay on the origin of matter from the PBS program Stephen Hawking's Universe.




John Dalton

John Dalton


A New System of Chemical PhilosophyJ. Dalton - 1808 paper introducing his chemical theory. 

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Cosmic X-Rays Reveal Evidence for New Form of MatterNASA - Data from Chandra Observatory on dense matter.

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Convencionalmente existe el color, convencionalmente existe el sabor dulce, convencionalmente existe el sabor amargo, pero en realidad sólo hay átomos y espacio.
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