August 27, 2010

New Module Live at

by Heather Falconer

It’s taken some time, but we are thrilled to announce that the third module in our DNA sequence, DNA III: The Replication of DNA, is now live on the Visionlearning website.

This new module expands on the replication process introduced in the previous modules, emphasizing the developments that took place to allow its discovery. Not only does it explore the physical mechanisms that initiate replication, but also the individuals and circumstances that contributed to the scientific process. We are very proud to offer this new module at the start of the school year. It can be incorporated into classes covering everything from biology to genetics to the history and process of discovery.

Please let us know your thoughts on this new material, and suggest topical areas you think would help us round out this sequence.

Heather Falconer

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Heather Falconer holds undergraduate degrees in Graphic Arts and Environmental Science, as well as an MFA in Writing and an MLitt in Literature. She is currently completing her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition, with an emphasis on rhetoric in/and/of science. Heather has worked internationally in academic publishing as both an author and editor, and has taught a wide range of topics – from research writing to marine biology – in the public and private educational sectors.