October 23, 2012

Mars Climate Orbiter

by Christine Hoekenga

An artist's concept of NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter

A tragedy of science: An artist’s concept showing NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter, which was lost due to a unit conversion error 13 years ago.

Christine Hoekenga

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Christine is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist, specializing in science and nature. She holds an Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Media Studies and a Master's of Science Writing. She has been working in science communication and education for nearly a decade as a journalist, an organizer for conservation groups, and a museum educator. Before joining the Visionlearning team, she served as the New Media and Online Community Manager for the Webby award-winning Smithsonian Ocean Portal. Christine is assisting Visionlearning with developing new modules and glossary terms, managing the blog, and outreach through social media.