December 21, 2012

Images of the Week: Tracking Jaguars with Hidden Cameras

by Christine Hoekenga

This week at Visionlearning, we’re excited to launch our newest Scientific Research module: Tracking Endangered Jaguars with Sergio Avila.  Avila, a wildlife biologist working for the nonprofit conservation group Sky Island Alliance in Tucson, Arizona, has a fascinating job studying jaguars and other wildlife in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Jaguar on the prowel

A Jaguar captured on film at Rancho El Aribabi in 2010.  Wildlife biologist Sergio Avila is working with ranchers, like the family that owns El Aribabi, to document and protect jaguars that roam the borderlands of the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. 
Image copyright Sky Island Alliance/Rancho El Aribabi

Our image of the week, shows one of the many portraits of an endangered jaguar that Avila and his colleagues have captured using motion-triggered camera “traps.”  These big, elusive cats are endangered, and Avila is using these photographs (and other evidence) to help map where jaguars are found in the borderlands as well as the corridors they use to travel from place to place.

But this week, we’re cheating a little bit.  It was too difficult to choose just one of the amazing wildlife photographs captured by the camera traps, so we created a gallery.  Enjoy!  And please check out the new module and let us know what you think.


Read the new module to find out more about Sergio Avila, the path that brought him into wildlife biology, and the research he is doing on jaguars and other big cats

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