September 15, 2015

Image of the Week: Cat at the Edge of Space

by Eric Dillalogue

The Yeung family cat (or rather, an image of the family cat) is seen at about 70,000 feet above Earth’s surface. ©Winston Yeung

Two bright and determined young scientists, Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung, built a helium balloon attached with a Go-Pro camera, an image of their cat Loki, and a lego, sending it over 70,000 feet in the air.  Called the “Loki Lego Launcher,” this was just one of several projects the girls (8 and 10 years old) have launched.

Though this is obviously a very cool image, the best part is that the Yeung sisters drafted a “Lessons Learned” document to help them improve their next flight.  Their findings, like “Don’t stop trying: you will never know if you don’t ask” or “Always be optimistic: we thought everything went wrong, but everything went right,” are important lessons for any scientist.

The Yeung sisters’ “Lessons Learned” document. ©Winston Yeung

Read more about the Yeung sisters’ project here:

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