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Heather Falconer holds undergraduate degrees in Graphic Arts and Environmental Science, as well as an MFA in Writing and an MLitt in Literature. She is currently completing her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition, with an emphasis on rhetoric in/and/of science. Heather has worked internationally in academic publishing as both an author and editor, and has taught a wide range of topics – from research writing to marine biology – in the public and private educational sectors.

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January 4, 2011

New and Improved Quizzes

2010 was an introspective year here at Visionlearning. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to make what we offer more accessible to you — the result, in part, being this blog and our...

December 1, 2010

New Clues into Asthma Occurrences

Throughout the US, asthma rates have been steadily increasing over the last few decades. According to the CDC, the rates of self-reported asthma conditions rose 75% between 1980 and 1994 (doctor’s visits more than doubled between...

November 29, 2010

Feeling Creative?

A misconception about science and scientists that still hangs around is that science is made up of mostly boring, systematic methodology conducted by old, stodgy men in white lab coats. Nothing could be further from the...

November 22, 2010

Talking Turkey — Using Science to Cook the Perfect Bird

We all want it — a fat, juicy, golden bird on Thanksgiving Day. One that melts in your mouth. One who’s flavor explodes and sends you into turkey bliss. One that you can’t stop eating because...

November 9, 2010

Surprise Discovery in the Milky Way

It seems that whenever we think we know something well, we’re proven wrong. As was announced through a press release from NASA today, NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has unveiled a previously unseen structure centered in...

November 1, 2010

Engaging Students in Research

One of the main tasks of any graduate student in the STEM fields, Masters or Doctorate, is engaging in research. It goes without saying that a significant amount of time during matriculation will be spent in...

October 22, 2010

Finding Your Critical Pace for the Marathon

Endurance athletes have long known that they perform best when they find their “zone.” If you’re a long distance runner or swimmer, for example, you may recognize the zone as when you no longer have to...

October 20, 2010

New Module Live at

We are proud to announce that the next module in the Process of Science series is now live on Ideas in Science: Scientific Controversies explores the ways in which such controversies develop, as well as...

October 14, 2010

Questioning the data

A few weeks ago, we shared news of the discovery of a habitable exoplanet, Gliese 581g. Now, less than two months after that research was made public, its existence is being brought into question. Francesco Pepe...

October 6, 2010

Congratulations 2010 Nobel Winners

Palladium-catalyzed cross coupling, in vitro fertilization, graphene — it’s been a pretty exciting list of achievements for 2010’s Nobel Prize awardees, announced this week from Stockholm, Sweden. Interestingly, one of these awards has been given to...