Preguntas Frecuentes

Why is there an age requirement on your site?

All of our site content is educational and is screened carefully for appropriatness. However, the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule" requires Web sites that collect personal data (name, etc.) from children younger than 13 years of age to take specific steps, including verified parental consent and parental access to student data, that we are not currently equipped to address. As a result, we request that only individuals that are 13 years of age or older register for the site. If you are younger than 13, or have students that are younger than 13, you may want to ask a parent or other adult to complete the login registration.

Is any information about teachers or students such as quiz scores distributed publicly?

No, teacher and student information is kept private according to our privacy policy. In order to improve the resource for our users, we do look at collective quiz scores (not individual scores) for research purposes, such as to determine if certain questions need to be improved.

Is there a way to get students a password without them completing the registration?

This issue has come up with students who are under 13 years of age. At this point, we do not accept registration from individuals under 13 years of age due to the requirements of the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule". However, we do allow a teacher or parent to complete a registration for a particular student and then allow that student to access our materials through that 'guest' account.