Visionlearning at a Glance

Learn about the process of science.

Our peer-reviewed modules, grouped into scientific disciplines, explore a range of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics from a process perspective. We go beyond facts and dates to examine how we've come to understand the concepts, the people who have contributed to our understanding, and the ongoing research that builds our scientific knowledge. The content is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Reinforce your comprehension.

To provide students with a powerful framework for understanding the STEM concepts presented, all Visionlearning modules include extensive literacy elements. From questions to stimulate prior knowledge in the Pre-Reader to Checkpoints strategically placed in the readings to gauge comprehension, our goal is to assist the learning process.

Review your understanding.

Included with nearly every Visionlearning module is a quiz that tests your knowledge of the topic. The quizzes incorporate comprehension best practices to ensure students are learning the key elements presented.

Define the unfamiliar.

Terms that may be unknown are hyperlinked throughout our modules and included in a Glossary page.

Access content in both English and Spanish.

To support bilingual, Spanish-speaking, and Spanish language learners, our modules, quizzes, and glossary terms have both English and Spanish version.

Listen to our content.

Many of the Visionlearning modules and glossary terms include an audio recording. These recordings can be streamed while you are on the page and are especially helpful for aural learners, struggling readers, and language learners. In addition to audio, a font specially-created to assist dyslexic individuals can be activated on every page.

Create customized classrooms.

In our Classroom, instructors can select content from across the Visionlearning site to integrate the process of science into their teaching.