Preguntas Frecuentes

I am a teacher trying to make a new MyClassroom. When I hit submit, I am taken to a processing page, not my classroom.

The MyClassroom "submit" button forwards you to a processing page where you can find a link to enter your classroom. Once you enter your classroom you can add modules with a link on the left menu. If this does not answer your question, please specify what submit button you hit and what processing page you are taken to.

I have registered for the site but cannot log in. After I enter my username and password I continue to see the login button.

Try several things: 1. Make sure your username and password are correct (both are case-sensitive). 2. Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. The MyClassroom system uses cookies to identify each user to customize your experience. For more information about cookies, visit Yahoo's cookie page. 3. If you are trying to connect through a school network, make sure your Proxy server or firewall is not blocking access to our site.

Will the students in my class be able to use this site if I have it linked to a document?

All of the materials in your classroom will be accessible by your students. External documents must be loaded to a school or private web server. Once on the web, teachers can link to these materials in the "Additional Resources" of the "Course Info" page. Students will then see these links on the bottom of the left menu.

How would students log on to the Visionleaning through a hyperlink on my web page?

All of your students would have to register individually with the site and create their own usernames and passwords. You can place a link to your classroom on your web page that will direct registered students to your MyClassroom site.

Can a teacher monitor students' quiz grades?

Teachers have access to a "Quizzes" area on the left. This page allows you to view quiz grades sorted by subject or by student. We will soon be adding a feature to allow you to download grades to a spreadsheet file.

I autopopulated the syllabus, then added events. When I subsequently clicked on autopopulate to update the syllabus with new lessons, I received a message saying that my syllabus entries would be erased if I proceeded. I don't want to throw away all the work I did adding events.

If you have added custom events to a syllabus, subsequently auto-populating the syllabus will erase those custom events. If you need to add new lessons to the syllabus, or change the order of lessons, you can reorganize your syllabus manually. In other words, don't auto populate it, add new lessons through the "Add Event Below" option.

I am a teacher and would like to know how can I link to my "Chemisty Help Page" from the new site?

There are several ways to add links to your custom pages. You can link to it as your MyClassroom homepage, syllabus or as additional resources by using the "Course Info" page. Simply input the URL of your site. In addition, any URL entered into the text of the yellow "Teacher Comments" sections of the modules will serve as a link to that page.

I am a teacher. Why doesn’t my classroom appear in the list of registered classrooms?

You did not submit your MyClassroom for approval. If you visit your MyClassroom, you will see a "Get Authorized" link on the left menu. Submit your classroom for authorization and we will approve it for public access within 48 hours.

As a teacher, can I purge accumulated student scores?

Yes, when you access the "Quizzes" link in the left menu of your MyClassroom, you will see a "Delete" button next to each score. The "Delete" function will allow you to purge student’s quiz scores.

Is it possible for a teacher to send a single email to all students at once?

Yes, teachers can send notes to students individually or collectively. If you visit the "Students" link in your left menu, you will see a list of registered students with a "send note" link. At the bottom of this page you will find "Send Note to All" link, which will allow you to send messages to all students simultaneously.

Why do I get a message that says "This site is forbidden"?

Our site is publicly available to all users. Some school networks prevent access to all sites that contain a .com extension. Your network may be preventing access to our site for this or for another reason. You may want to contact your network adiministrator to correct this problem.

How do students create passwords and log in?

Students simply need to complete our online registration ( and select a username and password. Once this step is complete, they can register for individual instructor's MyClassroom sites by visting the MyClassroom area (

When students take a quiz, will the results be sent to their teachers automatically?

When your students log in and take a quiz, the results are not emailed to you, however, they are posted in the teacher "Quizzes" section. We will soon be adding the ability to download quiz scores to a spreadsheet file.

How do I remove myself from your new events mailing list?

Visionlearning occasionally sends email to users regarding new site features. To remove yourself from this mailing list simply log in to the site, visit the MyProfile page and uncheck the box at the bottom that says "Please send me periodic e-mail messages about new modules, features and events."

How do I remove my address from your mailing list?

To remove yourself from our periodic updates simply log in to the site, go to "MyProfile" and uncheck the box at the bottom that says "Please send me periodic e-mail messages about new modules, features and events."

A teacher who I do not know wants to join my classroom and I do not wish to share my site.

Thank you for your inquiry. As you stated, you should not grant a person that you do not know co-teacher access to your site. If the person has requested co-teacher access, you will see a link on the left menu of your MyClassroom that says Teacher Requests Pending. Click on this link and a page will load on the right side that gives you two options, simply choose the DENY option to refuse this request. If a person has joined your classroom as a student and you would like to remove that person, simply click on the Student link in the MyClassroom, find the person in the student list, and click REMOVE. Finally, if you would like more security in your classroom, you can click on the left Course Info link and turn ON student screening. However, if you do this you will have to approve any student that wants to register for your classroom. Please contact us if we can provide any additional help.