Biologia Celular

Orgánulos Celulares I: Orgánulos unidos a la Membrana

por Donna Hesterman, Nathan H Lents, Ph.D.

Para Seguir Explorando

The cell, 2nd edition: a molecular approach

National Center for Biotechnology Information / U.S. National Library of Medicine: book on the molecular biology of cells as a unifying theme, with specialized topics discussed throughout the book as examples of more general principles.

Taking a look inside a cell

Ask a Biologist / Arizona State University - exploration of the various organelles in cells.



Camillo Golgi


The first illustrations of neurons by Camillo Golgi

The Lancet - Golgi's method of histological silver-staining, the black reaction.

Noticias & Eventos

The first synthetic organelle

Scientific American - Artificial Golgi apparatus created.

One Man's Trash...

The Scientist - Scientists who researched the midbody, a remnant of cell division, have catapulted the organelle to new prominence.

Discovery of a new organelle: Introducing the tannosome

Visionlearning blog post by Heather Falconer discussing the discovery of the organelle tannosome in plants.

Current Science News

News from around the world of science.

Google Scholar

Google - Research database allows searching of the scholarly literature.


Inside a Cell

Next Generation Science Standards: For States, By States

National Academies Press: A Framework for K-12 Science Education