Whether you are a student of science, a life-long learner, or simply have an interest in the sciences, our Bookmark feature can help you.

Every module in the Visionlearning library and every term in our Glossary can be saved to a personalized list. To do this, simply register for free with the site by clicking the registration button on the black bar above. Don't worry - we won't bother you with lots of emails or share your information. Our privacy policy ensures that any personal information you provide will not be shared with others unless you have provided explicit written consent.

Once you have registered, creating your Bookmarks is easy. Just click the "Bookmark" icon to add it to your list. You will find this icon in modules (in the toolbar beneath the table of contents), on the discipline library pages where modules are described, and anywhere you look up a glossary word.

View and flip between saved modules and terms by selecting their tabs under Bookmarks on the Classroom page.